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  • ACE0201-3 Medical Temperature Sensor Cable

    ACE0201-3 Medical Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor Cable; Cable: NOUL 24AWG 2C OD = 3.2mm; Black H.S.Tube and black soft shell; With RoHS and REACH marks; OEM and ODM orders are accepted;

  • ACE0201-1 Medical Sensor Cable

    ACE0201-1 Medical Sensor Cable

    Sensor Cable; Sensor Cable for medical appliances; Available for various medical appliances; REACH/ROHS Compliance; Sensor Chip; Anti-low Temperature; Halogen free; OEM/ODM orders are accepted ;

  • ACE0306-1


    Control cable for industrial equipments; Cable1~2:NOUL 20AWG*6C black; Cable3:UL1007 18AWG; Cable4:UL1007 20AWG; Connector:DB 9P& AMP termin

  • ACE0305-1


    Control cable for motor; Cable1: CAT5E SFTP 24AWG OD=6.0MM Grey; Cable2~5: 24AWG electrical cables; Connector: JST 11P to RJ45 With alumimum plate;

  • ACE0304-1


    Control cable for elevator; Cable:UL2464 22AWG OD=7.9MM,black; Connector:JST 11P to WAGO; With aluminum plate; RoHS and Reach Compliance; ODM and OE

  • ACE0303-2


    Signal Control cable for industrial equipments; Cable1~2:UL1007 15AWG OD=2.55MM red & black; Connector:Molex 2P; Fuse:7.5A; RoHS and Reach Compl

  • ACE0303-1


    Signal Control cable for industrial equipments; Cable:UL1007 15AWG OD=2.55MM; Color: black and red; Connector: Molex 2P; Fuse:7.5A;

  • ACE0301-2


    Power supply cable for industrial equipment; Cable: UL2468 20AWG OD=1.9*3.8MM; Connector: Molex 2P to DB26P; RoHS and Reach Compliance; ODM and OEM orders are

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About ACE

Aceharness Limited. is a professional manufacturer of different kinds of wire harness and cables, such as Automotive dashboard harness, Automotive lamp harness, Automotive lift harness, Speed-sensor cable, Industrial controlling cable, Audio & Speaker cable...

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Aceharness's Case

Ford Motor Gearbox Wiring harnessFord as an American car manufacturer. Aceharness Limited produce Gearbox cable as Ford's supplier.

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