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Investments in technology to lead the automotive wiring harness market

Date: 26,Jul 2013

Over the years, Tim Electronics Co., Ltd. in the establishment of a sound quality assurance system, to build a "zero defect" products under the premise, continue to attract talented people, to strengthen brand building, investments in technology to develop new products, improve the pre-sale , service quality, strengthen the marketing strategic management, service, quality, brand leading the market, so Tim automotive wiring harness is always well received by the majority of customers, and become the product of choice.

Tim Shenzhen, southern China is well-known electronics manufacturers of automotive wiring harness, automotive wiring harness company active in the production, research and process improvement. In terms of research and development of new wiring harness, also made a breakthrough, such as motor harness, network and communication wiring harness and cable harness, etc., with international and domestic leading level, can effectively reduce costs, save energy consumption.

Our main products include automotive wiring harness, communication wiring harness, cable harness, industrial wiring harness, computer and peripheral wiring harness and other products. BYD Auto Shenzhen Branch, Token Hengshan companies, and so many well-known enterprises and important national events and meeting places are used Tim Harness, users of our products and services, quality assurance measures to give a high evaluation.

Tim e said that the next few years, the company will rely on technology innovation center, accelerating technological innovation, the use of new technologies and new materials, research and development for the development of China's automobile industry, demand for products for the automotive parts industry to make new contributions.

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