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Shorter cable has become a trend

Date: 30,Sep 2013
 Shorter cable is also convenient for using a variety of equipment of consumers; basically this is another kind of concept. What is called shorter cable is to use the wireless transmission of function, used in a variety of equipment。
   In the past a lot of problems are solved by wireless, But in the near future, Intel China research institute and other Intel research department is an important technology of the technical department research direction -----------,this is an important transmission technology of in the future, Before talking about connectivity, Let’s talk about the wireless now. Except for the wireless transmission, The future development direction is optical fiber transmission. Although the progress is very slow, and It’s never stop. In the long term, The optical fiber transmission is our first choice. The advantage of high bandwidth transmission ,long direction  and large capacity  determines the light transmission pathway is a long-term solution. At present,Copper interconnect technology application is close to the limit. Eveyone  might ask: what is the limit? This limit  have doesn’t  to determine in a certain number, For example we prolonged per 1 meter, Throughput  can be to increase a little.

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