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Automotive wiring harness is the key quality and safety

Date: 26,Jul 2013

Automotive wiring harness is the main car circuit network, connected to the car's electrical and electronic parts and make it functional. At the moment, whether it is high-end luxury car or economy of ordinary cars, in the form of woven wire harness is basically the same, are the wires, plug-and-parcel tape joint composition, it has to ensure that transmit electrical signals, but also to ensure the connection circuit the reliability of electrical and electronic components to supply a predetermined current value, to prevent electromagnetic interference to surrounding circuits and to exclude electrical short circuit.

Automotive wiring harness is connected to the car all the important electrical and electronic equipment components, automotive wiring harness to the vehicle directly affects the quality of the performance indicators. Recently, Jiangsu Province Industry and Commerce announced the 2010 provincial circulation automotive aftermarket monitoring of product quality. Automotive wiring harness pass rate was 22.5%, mainly as a failed project and the conductor cross-section terminals.

Tim Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional design and processing of various types of high-grade wiring harness high-tech enterprises, the application of industries and products, including automotive wiring harness, home appliance wiring harness, electrical wiring harness, engine wiring harness, etc. Since its establishment, has been tailored to our customers nearly 1000 models of products.

Tim e introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, has passed IS09001: 2000 quality system certification, strict implementation of ISO9001: 2000 quality management standards, established from the feed (IQC), process (IPQC) Final inspection (FQC ), to shipping (OQC), and quality improvements, such as improving the quality management system. We have 10 production lines, to complete the line from cutting, welding, crimping, to assembly, testing the entire production process, the product material meets UL, CSA certification requirements, comply with environmental regulations.

Tim has been committed to harness electronic field of exploration and research, has extensive industry experience and professional capacity. Our responsibility is to try to provide customers with the perfect harness solutions that provide customers with high quality and safety harness.

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