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NTC Thermistor Probes

Date: 16,Dec 2015

Typical applications Include:Temperature Measurement, Control, and Compensation

    You can easily calculate the resistance of NTC Thermistors at a given temperature using beta, but there is an even more accurate way to do this using the Steinhart & Hart Equation. NTC Thermistors are also an excellent alternative to semiconductor circuitry for solving temperature related problems. They can be easily used to calculate the temperature coefficient. We will provide you with guidelines for using NTC Thermistors to achieve the most accurate measurements possible.

    One of the simplest ways to measure temperature using an NTC Thermistor is with a Wheatstone bridge. You can also use an NTC Thermistor temperature detection circuit to account for power dissipation. In addition, NTC Thermistors are commonly used to compensate for changes in temperature in coils and solenoids.

    Some basic terminology may be helpful in understanding thermistors and their potential uses. First, standard reference temperature is usually 25°C , or the temperature of the thermistor body when supposed zero-power resistance is seen. This zero-power resistance is the dc resistance value of the thermistor when measured at a specific temperature with a low enough power dissipation from the thermistor for any further power decrease resulting in no more than the smaller of 1/10 of the particular measurement tolerance or a zero point one percent change in the resistance .

    Resistance ratio is a characteristic that identifies the ratio of zero-power resistance of a thermistor at 125° to the resistance at 25°C. Maximum operating temperature is the highest body temperature where the thermistor will operate with acceptable stability for an extensive time period. This temperature should not surpass the highest value specified. Likewise, maximum power rating for thermistors is the highest power at which a thermistor will operate for a period of time while maintaining stability.

    Ametherm’s NTC thermistors are available in an array of designs to fit nearly any desired application, and they are created using the best high purity materials for reliable results you can count on as well as customizable to fully meet your needs.

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