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  • NTC Thermistor Probes

    You can easily calculate the resistance of NTC Thermistors at a given temperature using beta, but there is an even more accurate way to do this using the Steinhart & Hart Equation. NTC Thermistors are also an excellent alternative to semiconductor cir + more
  • Difference Between RJ45 and RJ11

    RJ 45 vs RJ11 Registered Jack is the meaning of the acronym RJ which is the acronym that cable connectors usually start with. Two of the most common jacks are the RJ45 and RJ11, each with their own specific purpose. The main difference between these two + more
  • Shorter cable has become a trend

    Shorter cable is also convenient for using a variety of equipment of consumers; basically this is another kind of concept. What is called shorter cable is to use the wireless transmission of function, used in a variety of equipment。 In the past a lot of p + more
  • Testing principle for automotive wiring harness

    The instrument computer screen can show testing result of wiring harness electric connection together, which called Conduction Testing Machine. In fact, the machine function is focus on testing each wire link open short and failed pin and reason will be s + more
  • Automotive wiring harness is the key quality and safety

    Automotive wiring harness is the main car circuit network, connected to the car's electrical and electronic parts and make it functional. At the moment, whether it is high-end luxury car or economy of ordinary cars + more
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