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Harness enterprise management culture should first

Date: 26,Jul 2013

Business management, there are a variety of ways, usually divided into management: people, people, systems, people, and culture of managing people. Different management style, managers can reflect the level and height. Flowers moment, mortal saw only color, but realized the Buddha ---- This is the realm of life and death. Thought has realm, life skills there realm, management also has realm. I believe that the culture of enterprise management to advance.

First, the goal is not only to promote cultural construction business development, but also the development strategy. Mission to lead the corporate vision, vision determines the structure, culture as a guide, whose mission is the fundamental of all, but also all of the guidelines. Values ​​in what ways and actions to achieve this outcome? In recent years, we have organized a special team values, and clearly the Sunshine Insurance value growth, sustainable development and growth in the value of employees as we pursue fundamental, give us this value target pursuit.

Second, the cultural construction not only to the natural process of accumulation, to take the initiative to build nurturing. Enterprise culture throughout the building theory and practice are particularly active today, the initiative to build business problems, more conducive to the healthy development of the whole enterprise and fast start. Meanwhile, a newly created company, there is one thing we must be able to make everyone the same objectives, the pace coordination. So this thing should be the corporate culture, based on this understanding, our creation phase, spent three months on the special time for study and discussion.

Third, the corporate culture is not only a way to be on the wall, more importantly, to fall into the heart. Corporate culture is not only simple to hang on the wall to the corporate culture, mainly to allow corporate cultural identity. We cultural training, promotion, experience sharing, so deeply embedded cultural hearts of every employee.

Daily behavior, corporate culture construction and management of daily operations combine our first job advertisements aired sun on the value proposition. In the institution-building process, we first organized advocacy groups for cultural advocacy, unity of thinking. Meanwhile, the corporate and cultural center is the center of our entire group of five divisions, forming a dedicated management department, formed a complete system of institutionalized.

Fourth, the cultural construction of the key not only to take care of the fundamental, more importantly, to develop rich foliage. Building of enterprise culture, not only from the right stick to our core values, but more importantly to the external environment changes and development of the company's request, the deepening of the core culture, based on the initiative to promote culture. For example according to the company's actual, we identified a lead co-insurance culture, clear communication and support for the principle of a culture. Combined with the company's future institutional building and job requirements, we should actively explore the cultural construction jobs, for each employee in the sun on the first day, there is an important guiding significance sunlight Culture Handbook. So overall, the goal is not only culture to promote business development, but also to the introduction of strategic and cultural construction process, not only a matter of course, but also to take the initiative to build, and actively cultivate culture the way not only to the wall, but also to fall into heart. Culture results-based approach, not only to listen to his words but also to deeds, will their fruit.

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