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LVDS cable

ACE1001-1 LVDs cable and wire harness assembly, with JAE&HRS connector


Cable: LVDs UL1571 FI-X30HL TO DF 14-20P+M3 round terminal

Interface: usually can be 14pin, 20pin, 30pin, 40pin, etc.

Connector: HRS&JAE

Impedance: 100Ohm±10%

Test data: AC 200V pass, DC 200V pass, O/S pass

Characteristic:1.Composed by stranded wire to be more flexible than solid wire; 2.To be single or double shield; 3.Using heat shrink tube to protect the wires from damage; good flexibility; 4.less noise; 5.Low voltage swing

Application: LVDs cable can be used for medical equipments, adverting display machine, LCD display/LCD monitor, tablet DC, digital camera, security & safty camera, ATM machine, military machine, audio system, LCD video wall, smartphone & cell phone, printer, car electronics, etc.

Flexible MOQ, short leadtime

Full inspection before shipment

All materials match UL standard

OEM&ODM order are welcome

Keywords: LVDs cable and wire harness assembly, with JAE&HRS connector,

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